Tlhago explores issues of mourning the cultural and natural worlds we have lost. Thom van Dooren writes that “mourning is a process of learning and transformation to accommodate a changed reality. Mourning is about dwelling with a loss and so coming to appreciate what it means, how the world has changed, and how we must ourselves change and renew our relationships if we are to move forward from here. Genuine mourning should open us into an awareness of our dependence on and relationships with those countless others being driven over the edge of extinction.” King Debs, a multimedia artist creates work centred around themes of identity, socio political commentary, life and death and the human condition at large. He has developed a visual language that encapsulated the ideas around empathy and humility in the ever-expanding information era. This film is about the processing of his situation within the current epoch and a reflection of the debilitating feelings of powerlessness he feels in the face of the massive issues the world is facing.

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